Clean Cooking Products

SilverFire®, is a leading quality clean cook stove organization.  SilverFire mission is to facilitate the availability of advanced technological biomass clean cooking products, for global commercial and humanitarian use.

SilverFire has established global operations at its worldwide headquarters at 777 Washington Street in Eugene, Oregon.  In addition to a distribution center, SilverFire operates a retail showroom at the location where consumers can come and see the newest developments in clean cook stove technology.  The center is dedicated to showcasing the most advanced biomass stove technology on the planet.  We are entering a new era of clean burning stove technology that is unprecedented in the industry, and SilverFire offers these new advanced technologies in numerous upcoming consumer products.  Todd Albi, President of SilverFire has been instrumental in developing rocket stove and TLUD clean cook stove technologies, with many of the most advanced biomass and biogas manufacturers in the world.

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