Our Dogs, The Good & The Sad

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3 comments on “Our Dogs, The Good & The Sad
  1. Kurt Striker says:

    truly man best friend i had dogs in my life growing up 2 or more at times but they are only here for a short time a bond between man and man best friend all i can say my dogs brought out the best in me they are as much part of me as i am part of them

  2. Kathy aka Girlygirl says:

    New to your site and watched the story of Harley. I am so sorry your story ended tragically. You have more great memories than sad so think on those and it appears that you have added 1 meatball and 1 princess to your family to make more memories. Please tell me that Justice finally got his toy from under the couch. That was to painful to watch. What a bubba face he get’s when he wants his toys. My heart melted when he looked in the camera. Have fun with them!

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