Caption This Contest 8/19-WINNER IS RANDALL!

caption this 2


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Thanks and if there’s one comment that really makes me laugh, may be a bonus prize.

Enjoy & have fun!

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13 comments on “Caption This Contest 8/19-WINNER IS RANDALL!
  1. Karen Partin says:

    These look alike butt warmers are just fantastic !

  2. Charlie Larntz says:

    OMG I need some Preparation H for this huge hemorrhoid

  3. Kurt Striker says:

    “kids”! Always a growth on your ass you cant get rid of

  4. vicky says:

    Dont be afraid they said it could be removed.Just another twin growing in the wrong spot.

  5. You do relies if I fart your going flying off this couch

  6. Deepinthewoods says:

    Can u smell that !!!!!!!

  7. Randell says:

    I’m praying he doesn’t wake up for awhile. I’m beat!

  8. Darren says:

    “Wheres the clicker”

  9. Rick Wallace says:

    Whatcha think about it kid?

  10. This gives “Up my arse” a whole new meaning

  11. Neil Couey says:

    Having a kid without getting screwed is still getting screwed if you ask me.

  12. Neil Couey says:

    I think I just shit…myself

  13. Bctruck Brad says:

    the little one is saying, “shhhhhhh,,,,dont nobody wake him up”

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