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  1. New site looks good Low Buck!

  2. Blanca Morales says:

    It looks nice!! =)

  3. Tony Swiger says:

    Looking good!

  4. ojibwah08 says:

    It looks very professional, but maybe put up some ” best of ” your videos on here, i’d be curious to see what your favorites are, also maybe a space for some of your best friends youtube sites on here as sort of a get to know, like justin case and jnull0, some of the ppl. that have impressed and helped you along the way, just some suggestions, Craig

    • LowBuck says:

      Great idea’s, thank you

      • Felicia Johnson Hubbard says:

        Just wanted to give you a heads up, look into picking up depression era cookbooks. They are filled with GREAT recipes that have reduced or improvised ingredients. I have my grandmother’s and a few other’s I have picked up at yard sales and used book stores.I have found it very use full in my prepping of food and cooking. Any who, happy prepping, Flea

        • LowBuck says:

          great advise. I’d love to find me some and will look around. Thanks!

          • Carolyn Munroe says:

            There’s a little old Italian lady (she’s passed on now) named Clara whose grandson uploaded her on Youtube and printed a book on her “Great Depression Cooking.”

  5. nebraskaprepper says:

    looking good bubba!!!!

  6. Randell says:

    I like it !
    The only issue I have (and it might just be me and my poor eye-sight) is that it took me awhile to find the menu bar–the white lettering on the gray bar kind of blended in with the background. Perhaps a thin black border around the bar would help it stand out more? Either that or fade the background a little more? ~modoc

  7. jnull0 says:

    Looks great Bubba, I dig the new site bro.

  8. Leigh Ann Salter says:

    Looks great!!

  9. Sean says:

    I like what you’ve done with your site!

  10. Dave says:

    Hey, I liked that review you did of the Keltec Sub 2000 Upgrades. I tried to figure out what kind of Hogue grip you added from Amazon. Was it the full size grip sleeve or a tactical grip sleeve?

  11. Nottoobitter says:

    Dope a$$ van. You got a way to send you a pic? My ford f-250 wants to hang out with your van

  12. GrammiePrepper says:

    I am really enjoying watching your interviews with other Tucsonans and seeing what and how they are approaching preparedness. Only suggestions I would have , because it interests me are: Date the interview and if they are on you tube, provide the link to their channel.. Thanks so much for taking this on!

    • LowBuck says:

      Thank you, they are on on yt and links should be in the about section when you go to my yt channel and view them. There are several more to come and I have been given some better equipment, so I hope to improve the watching experience. Thanks again for watching

  13. Kenneth Hall says:

    Just discovered your you tube channel, nice website.

  14. liam says:

    hey geezer luv ya stuff!! could you tell me what the ohm bold is like as im ordering it frm bnb oh and cherokee turkish bold ??

  15. brent armstrong says:

    nice new site man! wish I could have stopped by while you were down here.

  16. Kathy aka Girlygirl says:

    Hey Low Buck, I stumbled on your site by looking for some 101 on using my new pressure canner. I have been scared to try it but watching you do it, well I think I might have to can some pinto beans w/onions & garlic! I couldn’t understand the names you were saying of those who gave you recipes for the beans and jerky. Can you post some of these people on your site w/their permission of course. Always looking for Easy and good recipes. Thanks and keep up the preppin’!

  17. Don Groover says:

    Creating and posting videos is good, but if you want a good all around prepper website, how about including a download area too. Having something that I can print out would draw me here more often.

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