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Fire Patty’s Fire Starting tool

This a redux of The Fire Patty’s fire starting tool.

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iTaste MVP E Cigarette Maintenance

For those interested, and new to vaping, or curious about E Cigarettes in general. This is a brief instructional video on how to refill theĀ iTaste MVP, as well as changing the head. get yours here

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E Cigarette Newbie Review

Finally an E Cigarette review. After many requests, I have put together a short video explaining the basics of my e cigarette. I go over the basic mechanics, maintenance, and costs associated with e cigarettes, or “vaping”.

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Ultimate Glock Torture Test

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Mistymate COOLTOWEL Review

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Close Encounters of the Prepper Kind

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Big Meat Sunday-Chipotle Short Rib

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TheBrooklynPrepper 1022 Survival Rifle

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The Wonder Box

You can find JCCLPrepper here.

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