12/8/13-Prepper Stock Raffle Grand Prize

Wow, BCTruck really put a lot of work into this awesome rocket stove. We’re going to be giving this away as the grand prize for the raffle.

For those who have never been to Prepper Stock, it has always been tradition to give every family a raffle ticket when they show up. On Saturday afternoon, we do a drawing for whatever prizes have been donated. It’s always gone great and we’ve always had a lot of great people donate to this. Checkout BCTrucks video series on the build of this fine rocket stove, but here’s the finished product.

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One comment on “12/8/13-Prepper Stock Raffle Grand Prize
  1. Tim Buctu says:

    He really out-did himself on this build. It’s a work of art!
    It’s going to be hard for me to get it home on the airplane, though. LOL

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