So as of right now, the RV is at my work place. Even with a full charge on the battery, it won’t start. So the next step is to replace the starter. If it starts, I’ll run it back to Autozone and have them run another charging system test. Like I said in the last post, with the headlights on, the altmeter shows a discharge most of the time, but will jump up to charging briefly, then right back to discharge. I’m thinking alternator. This is getting into the scary zone of $$. It these don’t fix it, which we won’t know until at least January, then we may have to scratch the RV for Prepper Stock

Staying positive and fingers crossed. Wish I had a grand to throw at the van and it would be ready to make there in “Tacticool” style

Take Care all and until next time..Prep to Live, Don’t Live to Prep! Have fun,

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2 comments on “12/7/13
  1. bctrucktruck says:

    Does it have a voltage regulator? are you sure your generator cables are not loose inside the terminal connections? If it has a voltage regulator, i would bet that it gone bad. if your charging system checks out ok when its sitting still, im thinking loose terminal,wire,connection somwhere.

  2. Rebecca says:

    My son in law had the same problem on his car, turned out to be the alternator, but you might want to check your ground wire to it, that will do the same thing.

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