12/1/13- RV Update

Hey all, hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Well, I just got back from Autozone. The charging system checked out just fine, but the battery was too low to test. I’ve got a sinking feeling it’s the battery. This battery has been run dead several times because the RV is parked for long periods. I did p/u a trickle charger for it a cpl months ago, but I think the damage has been done. So, looks like it will need to be replaced as soon as possible so I can continue to run in city traffic, to and from work, to find anymore “issues” that may be lingering.

Thanks for checking in you all, have fun and take care, & see you at Prepper Stock!

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5 comments on “12/1/13- RV Update
  1. Randell says:

    Great idea to do the test runs months in advance, it’ll give you time to make any repairs or upgrades that may be needed. Would have been even worse to find out you needed a new battery the day before heading out.

  2. Pat Lambert says:

    Can you reach the p/s hose leak? Maybe some clear Liquid Nails or JB Weld could help?

    • LowBuck says:

      unfortunately the p/s hose on this rig runs both p/s & p/b, very high pressure and has to be custom made. Freedom RV n Tucson replaced this the last time, but 500 miles down the road it was leaking again. They screwed me over, by about $400. Never going there again!

  3. Pat Lambert says:


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