12/10/13-Prepper Stock or Bust!

Welcome back all,

So I’ve come to the conclusion that the starter is probably bad on the RV and I’m thinking a loose wire in the charging system. Instead of waiting until January, I’m going to tap into the donations that have been sent by some very kind individuals, and p/u a starter. That will get the RV back home and I can proceed from there.

On a positive note, MissouriWindandSolar sent me a solar panel and a charge controller, so that will be going onto the RV soon. Very excited about getting into and learning more about solar.

As frustrating as all this may be, it’s a good thing. If these things arose during the 3500 mile trek to/from Deerlick Creek, Al. we would be in a world of hurt. So I look at it as insurance, hence..prepping!

Take all and talk to you soon,

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2 comments on “12/10/13-Prepper Stock or Bust!
  1. Tim Buctu says:

    The donations are for the trip, and you can’t take the trip without a dependable vehicle, thus you’re using the donations for the purpose they were intended for, in my book. i hope the starter does the trick and the charging issue is nothing more than a loose or dirty connection.

    • LowBuck says:

      that was my thinking, I wasn’t going to touch the paypal until it was time for the trip, but I guess this makes sense. The cpl people that made the donations said to use it for what is needed for Prepper Stock, this is needed. Thanks my friend, looking forward to seeing you there!

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