11/27/13-RV Issues

Hey all, so I said I was going to keep you up to date. Well, about two weeks ago I decided to park the van, needs some wiring work anyways, and drive the RV. Kind of a Preparing for the long haul thing. My thoughts are that with it parked so much, I want to find out any issues now before we’re in the middle of no where.

Thankful I did. Yesterday when I went to leave work, it wouldn’t start. We couldn’t even get a jump start on it. Plus the starter was making a real grind type noise. I put it on the charger and a co-worker took me home. When I got in this morning it started right up.

So, I drove it home. The altimeter says it’s charging real good. I’m thinking the battery is bad and will have that checked out this weekend, but am also going to have to replace the starter.

Hopefully it’s just the battery and not the charging system, but even still, batteries are not cheap. The starter, I’m guessing, shouldn’t be more than $50. Not too bad.

In a nut shell, I’m glad I decide to run the rig for an extended amount of time in town driving, as that is harder on the rig than highway running. Once this issue is out of the way, I will continue to run it for a month or so at least. I want to find the issues here, not out there.

Thanks for checking in and enjoy your Thanksgiving!

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